Logos in a Box

Back in 2000, nobody had even dreamed of stock logos, let alone selling them over the internet. That’s when we came up with Logos in a Box..

Power Colors Full Logo

It’s literally a box..

Everyone and their dog sells stock, “pre-made” or “ready-made” logos these days – iStock, Shutterstock, 99designs – and even those so-called DIY logo generators are just stock logos fed through a Flash interface. Back in 2000, it was unheard of, so when we launched Logos in a Box, we took a lot of heat from designers complaining that we were cheapening the craft. Trouble is, they had a point, and we scrapped the idea in less than a year. We’ve relaunched LIAB a few times since then, taking a “if we can’t beat ’em, join ’em” position, but it’s remained our most troublesome internal brand. It’s a money maker, but seems at odds with the core philosophy of our studio. The logo, relatively unchanged since day one, is still pretty sweet though.

It is of course, a logo. On a box.

Logos in a Box full logo

The design was always meant to be color agnostic – as it was to be featured on web pages with loads of different colored logos, it needed to be adaptable depending on what it might be competing against (similar reasoning explains why the header logo on this site is black & white.)

Logos in a Box full logo

The Logos in a Box website is still live (though it hasn’t been updated in a few years.) We may get around to giving it a once over at some point.

Or not.

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