We’re real passionate about logos. To celebrate this, we created Logopalooza – The Art of Logo Design..


The Art (& Business) of Logo Design.

Logo design isn’t just something we do around our studio, but personal ethos and something our team is passionate about. To celebrate that passion, we occasionally release free ebooks that are full of logo examples, tips and observations. Naturally, they need their own brand name – Logopalooza – as well as their own logo, the latest version shown here. As an aside, our first two editions of Logopalooza have been downloaded a few hundred thousand times apiece since their release and volume 3 is in the works. You can read about the entire Logopalooza rebrand on our blog.

Logopalooza color choices

(Above) The Logopalooza logo is supposed to evoke a celebratory theme, so it was designed to give an impression of carnival and without a ‘fixed’ color scheme – we wanted to use different colors and palettes for different applications. This new logo will be featured on the cover of our 3rd Logopalooza edition. Below is a mock-up ad slick announcing its release.

This is the third version of Logopalooza since its initial release back in 2006. For what it’s worth, here’s a look at the original logos, covers and podcast art:

Logopalooza volume 1 January 2006
Logopalooza Podcast Cover

The podcast even had its own soundtrack, created in-house for use as intro and bumper music.

Update: We finally got around to re-launching Logopalooza in March 2017 with a brand new format – the square pages of the legacy versions were a pain (so we’re back with standard 8 1/2 x 11) – some examples cribbed from our gallery and some news & trivia bits. The plan (at the moment) is to publish Logopalooza once a month for at least six months to see where it heads.

Here’s the cover art as it stands now:

Logopalooza 3 Cover Art

We even launched a matching website to announced this volume (and subsequent releases):

Logopalooza 3 website design

Our little Logopalooza dancing man from back in the day? After getting unceremoniously ditched in one of the many redesign attempts since the inception of this thing, he’s back in all his glory. You can download the 32 page PDF of Logopalooza 3 via the button below him.

Logopalooza Dancing Man

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