Baby Store logo design

Stationery design:

The project also involved letterhead and business card design. The letterheads were set up in A4 format and the business cards were designed as over-sized.

Baby Store stationery design

Buy 4 Babes

Type Of Project:

Logo design, spinning animation & stationery design

Project Description:

Brand development and animation project for a UK based baby store and online marketplace. Design features a teething ring (in primary baby rattle colors) and simple sans serif typography.

Type Of Logo:

Text. See types of logos for details.

Buy 4 Babes 3D spinning animation

Project notes:

After we had finalized the design for this project, we developed a 3D spinning logo animation that’s shown here. Animating logos like this can be tricky – we want the movie to be dynamic, without a large file size that can choke webpage download, so we need to remove extra detail and color while maintaining the original logo integrity. We also want the movie to loop, so we need to have definitive and matching open and close frames. There are several steps to creating these kind of animations:
1) we have to create 3D models of bits and pieces of the logo,
2) create the 3D animation sequence,
3) import the various bits and pieces into a timeline (in this instance, using Flash) and then
4) convert the movie to GIF format for playback on tablets and smartphones.

The animation on this page is 42 frames long and weighs in at just over 160K. Flash files are generally smaller, but many devices can’t (or more accurately, won’t) play them.

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