TT Car Club logo repair closeup

Project notes.

Photoshop is a tremendous tool for designers. It’s great for image manipulation, editing, creating textures and special effects. What it’s not great for – in fact it’s lousy for – is creating logos (we even made a movie about why you shouldn’t design a logo with Photoshop at all.) By default, Photoshop images are pixel based, so any logo created in Photoshop won’t have the adaptability of vector based files.

Original logo with closeup detail

Production notes.

Whenever someone wants a texture in their logo – chrome in this instance – or drop shadows – they invariably fire up Photoshop. Textures can be created using Illustrator too, in preferred vector format, but it requires a little bit of work and know-how. When repairing the logo for TT Car Club, we were able to duplicated the same effect, with almost 100% precision, but now the logo is ready for use on any medium, at any size.

Repaired logo

Audi TT Car Club of America

Type Of Project:

Complex logo repair

Project Description:

Converting a bitmap logo originally created in Photoshop into vector format.

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Repaired vector version.

Detail of the completed logo repair (wireframe mode.)

TT Car Club logo vector file details

Repaired vector version.

Magnified detail of the final repaired vector version of the logo (preview mode.) This logo repair led to a related design project, development of the A3 Car Club logo.

Vector repair details
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