Broken Logo card details

Project notes.

When World Blackjack Champion Ken Einiger contracted us to design a presentation folder, he supplied us with the digital files of his newly created logo. There was a variety of .JPGs and .TIF files. This is what the logo looked like on a monitor:

Original logo

Nothing wrong with that, right? Not quite. The logo was in bitmap format. There were some supposedly high-resolution files but somebody had simply converted a low-resolution bitmap into high, which will cause the logo to look something like this:

Broken logo details

As there was no vector version of the logo, none of the files had transparent backgrounds. If we used the pixelated art on a presention folder, it would have to sit on a white background to map the canvas of the logo. The reflection in the watch fob didn’t match the front at all. The playing cards, suffering from a bad case of the jaggies to begin with, had also been added from a different color space and the colors had shifted badly. Typography in the logo was passable at “size as” 100%, but the image needed to be much larger to work on a presentation folder. Even then, it wasn’t great.

Production notes.

There’s only one way to convert logo art like this and that’s by hand rendering. We had to research what playing cards actually looked at, because the Jack and Ace in the original artwork weren’t clear enough to use as reference. We had to rebuild the watch fob – which is just as well, who knows where it came from – and add the backwards reflection in the lid. Here’s what the repaired vector logo artwork looks like (in preview mode.)

Final fixed logo

World Blackjack Champion

Type Of Project:

Complex logo repair

Project Description:

A logo repair, cleanup and rendering project for World Blackjack Champion Ken Einiger. An extensive rework of a broken logo.

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Repaired vector version.

Detail of the completed logo repair (wireframe mode.)

Vector repair details

Repaired vector version.

Detail of the completed logo repair (preview mode.) We had to research playing cards to get a feel for how they were supposed to look.

Playing Card Details

The re-rendered watch fob with accurate reflection added.

Watch Fob details

Presentation folder design.

Once we had a vector version of the logo, we could now add it to presentation folder artwork with creative freedom. Here’s one of the folder options:

Presentation Folder Artwork

Here’s another.

Presentation Folder Artwork Alternate version
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