Loco Lobos Southwestern Cafe rejected logo design

Project notes:

When developing a mascot, cartoon or as in this case, a stylized wolf for a logo, it’s always suggested that our designers start with sketches, doodles and character studies first. This brings more “life” to the final design when we finally take it to render. Doesn’t have to be fancy – lined paper will suffice..

Wolf logo sketches

Once we have a basic feel for the direction of the mascot or character, we can scan the pencil drawings and convert them by hand – auto-tracing by software can be iffy – to vector art. We can then add color, tones and turn them into digital art.

Sketches turned to digital artwork

Once that’s done, we can add typography and fonts, turning our doodles into a final logo.

The Loco Lobos Southwestern Cafe

Type Of Project:

Logo design (restaurant)

Project Description:

A logo design project for a Southwestern cafe & restaurant. The phrase “Loco Lobos” translates literally to “crazy wolf.” When it came time to develop a brand for an eatery of the name, there wasn’t much choice really. A crazy wolf logo it had to be.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.) Arguably illustrative.
See types of logos for details.

Don’t think there’s a designer alive who – when it comes to clients selecting a final logo, hasn’t uttered the words: “I wish they had’ve picked that one.” Well, that’s kinda the case here. The logo featured above is actually a rejected design. Here’s the final design the client went with:

The Loco Lobo restaurant final logo design

Like all logos, this one needed to be setup in black & white vector-based, grayscale and monochrome.

Color, BW linear and monochrome logo art
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