Repto Land Cool Pets pet shop logo

Project notes.

Like most illustrative logos, we needed to create multiple versions of the logo that could be employed as required. We needed black and linear and monochrome artwork as well as a text only version – for times when the lizard graphic “pushed” the aspect ratio into a footprint that was too tall. This version could be utilized in more horizontal areas – website headers and store marquees for example.

Repotland Cool Pets logo


Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo design project for a pet shop specializing in the sale of lizards, snakes and other reptiles. Design features an semi-illustrative, anthropomorphized depiction of a lizard and stressed, custom typography. Colors are high-key for effective use on light boxes and other signage.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Reptoland Cool Pets pet shop text logo
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