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Breaking a few rules.

This real estate logo uses not one, but two visual cliches. The first is the lighthouse element, a favorite visual metaphor for lots of business types. Supposed to represent a ‘guiding light,’ lighthouse images are among the favorite representations used in logos for real estate companies and other financial companies, churches and community groups. In this incarnation, our designers employed a woodcut styling to give an arguably cliched visual a unique approach. The second is the perennial ‘swoosh’, long targeted by designers as an overdone and overused visual element, but in this particular instance the swoosh adds a nice underline to the company name and binds the logo together. This design illustrates that logo rules are meant to be broken.


North Coast Realty Group

Type Of Project:

Logo & stationery design

Project Description:

Brand development for an independent real estate agency.Two color design features a minimalist treatment of a lighthouse. Project folder also includes stationery design (below.)

Type Of Logo:

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North Coast Realty Group logo variant

(Above) A slight variant of the design, created during the project timeline. (Below) the stationery layouts featuring the logo.

North Coast Stationery Design

Stationery Design

Stationery design can be ordered à la carte, as a PLUS feature add-on or as included with our premium logo design packages. See our pricing area for details.

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