Ladybug logo D3 Bug Software

Project notes.

Logo concepts created during a design project for UK-based D3 Bug Software. Client requested a simple ladybug as central graphic – original concepts and sketches favored the ladybug as shown. While our designers began working with the icon and text as combined elements, we later separated the two so that the icon could be used individually on web sites, and as graphic elements through D3’s marketing and advertising. Our designers remain a little partial to the top-view version of the logo, but the client decided in the end that a side view best suited their needs (pictured with business card front/back design.)  If you’re interested in a nifty ladybug logo (up top) we’d love a good home for this unused design and it may be available for purchase from the studio. Contact us if you’re interested.

D3 Bug Software

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Ladybug themed logo design project for a UK software development company.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Ladybug logo with business card
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