Kona Ice Penguin Logo

Text only version:

It’s always advisable to have a typographic version of your logo that can be utilized when space, or technical requirements like color restrictions, demand it.

Kona Ice Logo Text Version

Character sketches:

Like most illustrative character logos, the project for Kona required the development of the penguin character before the artwork could be turned into a vector-based design. Here’s some of the preliminary doodles and character studies done the old-fashioned way, by pen and pencil.

Kona Penguin Character Sketches

Kona Ice

Type Of Project:

Brand & character development, logo design.

Project Description:

Brand development project for Kona Ice, a nationally franchised shaved ice retail service. Like all illustrative logos, this workup started with a series of character sketches and studies.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Character roughs

Once a character has been selected:

Kona Penguin Final Character Sketch

We can then render the pen & pencil illustration into vector-based art which can be cleaned up and colorized:

Kona Penguin Rendered Art

We can add typography and experiment with various palettes and setups

Kona Penguin Rendered Art with colors

Kona Ice are famous for their clean, pleasant trucks and the logo is an integral part of their image:

Kona Ice Logo On Trucks
Kona Ice Logo On Trucks

Kona needed a logo variant for their trucks. Here’s a look at what we came up with for that:

Kona Ice Truck Logo
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