Quest Kids church group logo

Project notes.

When developing a religious or spiritual logo, a designer must use a level of taste, sensitivity and understanding of the religious icons involved. We have developed many logos for church groups and ministries, but none of the lessons learned really applied for the Quest Kids logo. Created for the Alliance Ministry as part of their overall branding program, the client wanted a logo that had ‘buzz’ and would appeal to their market – Grades 1 through 6. Our designers were encouraged to think out of the box – forget religious symbols- and come up with something the kids could identify with. We used bright (neon) colors and large childlike logo fonts to make the logo easily recognizable.

Quest Kids

Type Of Project:

Brand development for children’s church group

Project Description:

Having already worked on the development of the parent church logo, we were subsequently tasked to work on a logo design for Quest Kids, a group for the younger members of the parish.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Preschooler sub-brand.

As an add-on to the original project, we were also contracted to create a logo for Quest Kids Jr. – a service for preschoolers – which required a different approach (above.)

Quest Kids Junior Logo
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