Animation project: Junk Boys

Website logo animation for a Junk Boys, a Toronto-based “junk & garbage removal service” More of a logo movie than anything else, this presentation illustrates exactly what it is the company does using characters developed from the original design. It also manages to fit a 3D spinning logo, Toronto skyline, the company phone number and some fun bits and pieces into a relatively quick little flick.

This animation is actually quite complex from a technical point of view and required extensive pre-production prep prior to taking the various bits and pieces into a timeline. For a “behind the scenes” look at how this animation was made, check out ‘Website logo animation – a case study‘ on our blog. It was written a few years back, and some of the technology & software has changed, but the basics remain the same.

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All animations & movies presented in our portfolio are not for sale or license. Unless specifically noted, ALL company logos featured in animation examples are proprietary, subject to copyright/trademark and used here as examples by permission from IP holder. Unless otherwise noted, animated logos presented were also designed by The Logo Factory design studio. Where possible, we’ll link back to the original case study in our logo design gallery.


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Junk Boys logo

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