Bryan Jimenez Racing Logo

Project notes:

For the Bryan Jimenez Racing Team logo, our designers began developing concepts and ideas the old-fashioned way – with pencil and paper – trying to boil the team, the sport and the personality of the driver into a few simple shapes. Once we had settled on the direction the the client wanted, we rendered a selection of the proposals into vector art from which we narrowed choices to the desired version..

Bryan Jimenez Racing Logo Development

The presentation folder designs on this page are set up as spot color work and use standard off-the-shelf die lines, readily available at any printer who prints presentation folders. The artwork bleeds, so the design needs to be printed on an over-sized sheet adding to the overall production costs (something we discuss with clients beforehand.)

Bryan Jimenez Presentation Folder Design

When developing a general-purpose presentation folder, the key to the success of the project is that the folder works well with the overall ‘look and feel’ of the company. Below is the folder alongside the stationery design, also developed by our team.

Stationery & presentation folder design

Bryan Jimenez Racing

Type Of Project:

Logo, stationery & presentation folder design

Project Description:

A brand development project for a GM racing team. Logo was also to be used on a high-performance car parts store and garage.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

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