Tek Op IT & Computer service logo

Project notes:

If ever there was a classic example of a cartoon logo developed by TLF designers, the project for Tek Op would certainly be one. Created for a California based IT company, the design for Tek Op (originally submitted as Nerd Squad) began as all our illustrative logos do – as a series of sketches, drawn by hand before the designer so much as touches their copy of Adobe Illustrator. During several illustration phases, our designers envisioned the mascot as a ‘bionic’ monkey.

Bionic monkey mascot sketches

Once we had settled on this direction for the character (above right) we needed to get his personality down pat, creating a series of character studies.

Bionic Monkey character sketches

Once we had worked out the personality of the monkey, his faces and expressions, it was time to render the entire character into vector based artwork, using scanned versions of our original sketches to work from. We added the original company name:

Original Nerd Squad logo

This project changed mid-stride because of conflicting trademarks and so many companies using similar names. After consulting with powers that be, the client settled on a new name – Tek Op – and we had to incorporate the new name into the artwork.

Vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps are becoming increasingly popular as companies try to find new ways to promote themselves using already available avenues – the company car for example. Using photo reference of the kind of vehicle owned by the client, we were able to visualize how we’d like the artwork to appear.

Tek Op Vehicle Wrap Design

Tek Op

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Highly illustrative logo design for an IT & computer services company (project initiated under the name “Nerd Squad.”) Project included development of a “bionic” monkey mascot, various branded add-ons and collateral material.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Tek Op Computer Services Icons

Once finalized, we can reverse engineer the design into the appropriate vehicle wrap template and send the artwork off to be output. As all our logos and support artwork are in vector format, there’s no issue about resolution or scaling. Using a similar style and graphic approach, our designers then built a series of web icons for use in brochures, advertising and as navigation icons on the Tek Op website. As the icons depicted all the company services, we also incorporated them into a fairly slick logo animation.

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