The Logo Factory business card design (front)

Walking our talk.

When it came time to design our own stationery – as part of our most recent rebrand – we went out on a limb with our business cards. We decided to go with an over-sized display card complete with die-cut gear “teeth.” As most of our clients are remote, printing a set of cards for each of our designers, plus administrative staff and management doesn’t really make any sense. We don’t give enough of them away to be honest. Accordingly we decided not to personalize the cards at press time, but leave a blank spot where staff can write in names, appointments, etc. A nice personalized touch (below.)

Business card designs - front & back

The 3D TLF logo “bug.”

Around the shop, we’ve always been fans of logo “eye-candy,” enhanced versions of logos proper. For our logo, we took the icon and turned it into a 3D cog with embossed and beveled typography. Like so:

3D Version of The Logo Factory brand mark

This, by the way, was the logo that a “seller” on gig site Fiverr pinched off our site, they wouldn’t remove it, so we literally had to buy our own logo back for $5 (that story here.)

Letterhead design.

Our letterhead is pretty straight-forward, though it required full-color printing due to the addition of the 3D artwork (we could’ve used two color printing, or even one color, if we used our standard logo.)

Letterhead sheet 1 design

If you’re sending out letters that use multiple pages (as we do with our copyright transfer documents,) it’s sometimes advisable to have a second sheet so that recipients don’t get sick of seeing your logo at the top of the page, over and over again. Some people use a blank letterhead page, others use stripped down second sheets that still feature some element of their company brand. We went with simple cogs in the lower-right corner. They’re one color so we didn’t have to worry about a second full-color print run and a lot more subtle than the first page.

Letterhead sheet 1 design

Our Own Business Cards & Letterheads

Type Of Project:

Stationery design

Project Description:

As part of our rebrand, and because the logo was such a radical departure from what it was, we had to create an entirely new set of marketing and promotional materials. Here’s a look at our letterhead and business card design, illustrating how we really do “walk our talk.”

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

The business card artwork.

Here’s a look at our business card artwork with die-lines turned on. Whenever you’re cutting custom shapes like this, it’s critical to remember to bleed the artwork well past the live area. Die-cutting can feature less than exacting tolerances so the blade needs lots of room to move about. By expanding the cog “teeth” far past the live area, we were able to insure full color coverage.

TLF business card art with dielines

Presentation folders.

As part of this rebrand, we also developed some nifty presentation folders (which had to be designed specifically with these cards in mind.) You can view them here.

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