Impact Basketbal Sports Logo

Project notes.

Despite it’s complex appearance, this is actually a fairly simple logo and even though this project wasn’t a typical sports team design project, our designers approached it like it was. The mandate was simple: if the design was to appeal to teenagers, and more importantly, if they were to wear jerseys or vests that featured the graphic, it had to be appealing and generate an atmosphere of team spirit,

Impact Basketball logo (black and white)

The concept.

We started with the obvious – a basketball – and then worked in a star graphic (generally, a ‘safe’ sports icon.) We then took the term ‘impact’ literally, with the star serving as a graphic representation of the ball’s impact point (ie: bouncing on the court.) A motion trail was added to the basketball to complete the image. A bold modern, font was selected and the logo was assembled into the version you see here. As this was to be printed on all sorts of clothing and sports related apparel, the design needed to be simple, and adaptable to the flat colors of silk-screen printing while still being dynamic when used in four color reproduction. Like all great logos, the design for Impact Basketball also had to work in one color too. Grayscale and monochromatic (linear) shown

Impact Basketball

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Brand development for Impact Basketball – a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth basketball program for the Southern California area, providing safe environments for student-athletes.This iconic logo is deceptively simple – the star represents the team stars as well as the basketball impact on the backboard (clever, huh?)

Type Of Logo:


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