Badland Buggy Off-road vehicles logo

Project notes:

Canadian based off-road buggy developer and designer Badland Buggy wanted a new logo to herald plans for a new line of vehicles, as well as branding for the company itself. The design was also to be sold on T shirts and other premium incentive material. The client was a fan of the Monster Garage TV show and of the complex artwork found on Iron Maiden album covers so it was this direction that our studio took, beginning with the typography.

Badland Buggy text only

To nail down the word mark, our designers worked with some custom lettering which when converted to outline fonts, were able to be ‘warped’ into the version you see above. With that task completed, we  set about illustrating the off-road buggy – using client supplied photographs and computer models for reference –  creating this extremely detailed rendering.

Badland Buggy logo detail

Once completed, the illustration can stand alone, or be incorporated, along with the Badlands typography, into a complete logo. Because the vehicle is ‘removable’, we can set the design up in whatever aspect ratio we require, and the buggy can be moved to right, or left, of the company name.

Badland Buggy Off-Road Vehicles full logo

Such highly detailed designs have some issues – reproduction at small sizes is one issue, though the logo is VERY impressive at large – so we only begin projects like this after consulting with the client and advising them of same. Illustrative logos generally requires one of our professional logo design packages at a minimum, due to the time involved in creating such extensive detailing. Such expense is generally minimal, especially when we consider that all our design projects are created in vector format, and can be reproduced in any size, in any medium.

Originally published on The Daily Logo: November 2, 2003.

Badland Buggy Off-Road Vehicles

Type Of Project:

Illustrative logo & brand development

Project Description:

This logo for a motorsports company that produces and sells plans to extreme off-road vehicles required some pretty extreme detail to pull off. Not for the timid, but if appropriate, fully-rendered illustrations can add a new dimension to any branding project.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Logo detail:

Badlands Buggy logo close-up detail
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