Hot Mom Clothing Company

Project notes:

Hot Mom is an unorthodox logo clothing company founded by a couple residing in California. Their original marketing plan was to retail their clothes and logo merchandise directly to the ‘hot mom’ crowd on beaches and boardwalks, but after encouraging initial success decided to branch out via an online retail outlet, and though distribution to ‘trendy’ clothing stores. While readying their website for launch, the owners realized that they needed a more professional brand, that while remaining ‘cheeky’ and ‘irreverent’ was more graphically sound for marketing and advertising. They didn’t want a typical clothing store logo, but more of an icon that encapsulated the image, and original concept, of the firm.

Dodging sensibilities.

As the subject matter was a little risque, and ran the risk of alienating a decent chunk of the market, our designers worked up some silhouette figures and character studies. Through careful application of negative space, we were able to hint at the naughty bits, while still keeping the potentially hot-button logo safely in G-Rated territory. The logo was finished with a nice script font. on a hot pink color field for an added flourish. As the design needed to be adaptable for a wide range of uses, from T shirts to embroidery the overall artwork was kept nice and bold.

Hot Mom Clothing

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

A semi-provocative logo for a provocative brand. Hot Mom Clothing – a brand of clothes manufactured designed and created for the ‘hot mom’ set..

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.)
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