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Project notes:

Our studio is often brought in the very early stages of startups, to assist with brand development – the ‘look and feel’ of the company’s corporate image. Such was the case for a Vancouver based health food company who were planning to market heath bars and related products under the name Rawsome! It was under that identity that our designers started working up some rough logo design concepts:

Rawesome Health Food logos

Due to some trademark conflicts the company had to change their name in mid-stride and after a few weeks came up with the provocative moniker ‘Eat Me Raw.’ Naturally, this name required an entirely different approach to the logo, so we worked up some concepts using edgier fonts and a rougher approach to the overall design.

Eat Me Raw logo design concepts

Somewhere during the conceptual stages, we developed a graphic character which would stay with us through the entirety of the project, and was eventually selected by the client as part of the final logo.

Eat Me Raw logo design concepts with character

Once the logo was finalized it was on to develop packaging for the various products manufactured and packaged by the company. Our designers used fitting graphics and treatments to create an overall ‘look’ for the entire Eat Me Raw product line.

Eat Me Raw label designs

It was only after the packaging was designed, did the client start to worry that the name was a little too provocative. After talking to some of their vendors, they concluded that the name – as humorous as it might be – was likely to narrow the product line’s appeal and marketability. After a great deal of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth, a new name – Health Nut – was proposed by our team. Luckily, the little graphic character we had developed earlier, fit in perfectly with this new direction and was, in fact, a appropriate depiction of a ‘Heath Nut.’ A little bit of font jujitsu, and Health Nut had their new logo.

Health Nut final logo design

The moral of this story? Think long and hard before officially naming your new brand.

Health Nut

Type Of Project:

Brand development, logo & packaging design

Project Description:

British Columbia based For Goodness Sakes Inc. wanted to launch a new line of healthy, all natural, snack products and needed a logo and some packaging designed. That’s the easy part.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Product packaging and label design.

Bag insert label:

Health Nut bag insert label

Snack bar foil label design:

Snack Bar Foil Packing Design
Health Nut label design
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