Grilled Cheese & Co logo

Project Notes:

The first couple of logos we pitched had a nifty retro vibe going on – the illustrative style is reminiscent of 50’s era diner graphics (think old drive-in movie snack bar animations.) Alas, as cool as we thought they were, the client was non-plussed, and wanted a more graphic interpretation.our designers worked up a series of shielded designs using cheese themed center graphics and several different font styles.

Grilled Cheese & Co business card design

Shielded logos are always nice to work with – all the artwork is self-contained so they’re a breeze to add to various color backgrounds. The aspect ratio of the design is square, so it fits practically anywhere and on anything. Logos with square aspect ratios also work well as embroidered logos on wearables – hats, golf shirts and the like. The orange and red color scheme, selected during on of the earlier design rounds would stay with us for the duration of the project.

Grilled Cheese & Co stationery design

Grilled Cheese & Co

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo, stationery and brand asset design for Grilled Cheese & Company, a “comfort casual” restaurant chain featuring “hand crafted grilled cheese, fresh salads, house made soups, and french fries” on the menu. The logo needed to reflect the “down to earth” aspect of the eatery while maintaining a sophisticated brand.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Grilled Cheese & Co logo on sign

Design Category

Restaurant, Food Service

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