Dizzy Dog gourment hot sauce logo design

Project Notes:

This project started off with some fairly realistic dog depictions before being pared down to a brutally simple graphic. The logo had to work on a wide range of applications, from typical – websites, letterheads, business cards and marketing, to embossed and silk screened onto product bottles. A simple spiral graphic in one of the dog’s eyes drives home the dizzy motif without extraneous detail.

Gourment hot sauce black & white logo design

Whether or not a logo has to work in black and white remains the subject of great debate among designers with most logos being reproduced full color on websites and electronic media. Too, cheaper full color printing has made black and white reproduction solely for economical reasons pretty much a thing of the past. The answer? Technically, the nays are correct. A logo doesn’t really have to work in black and white but, there is a caveat. A successful brand logo will need to work as one color – whatever that color may be. There are still monochrome applications – think one-color silk screening (as in this example,) T-shirts and business staples like checks and invoices. Simple logos are easier to convert into black and white (greyscales also shown) as opposed to full color extravaganzas with blends and gradients.

Dizzy Dog Pepper Sauce

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo for Dizzy Dog Pepper Sauce, a new gourmet hot sauce.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

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