Gandhi India's Cuisine restaurant logo

Project notes.

Gandhi has consistently been recommended by locals and visitors as the best Indian restaurant and has received honors such as the “Best Ethnic Restaurant of Las Vegas.” The restaurant already had a brand – an elephant-themed design – that had been in use for years.

A subtle rebrand.

Originally, the restaurant had wanted to rebrand completely – using a representational likeness of Gandhi himself – but this was judged as problematic for a variety of reasons. It decided that the restaurant would stay close to their established graphics and color scheme (burgundy and black) and we were tasked with redesigning their elephant artwork and pairing it up with a suitable font. The goal was to make the restaurant brand “more modern” and design a logo that was more adaptable. We also needed to standardize the restaurant’s branded colors without straying too far from the original palettes. There were some practical ramifications too – a moderate makeover would allow the restaurant to integrate the new design into branded material and point of sale items slowly. This would allow the related expenses to be amortized over time – a real factor for any company thinking of changing their established logo.


Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo design for Gandhi India’s Cuisine, an award winning Las Vegas restaurant that serves an assortment of North and South Indian dishes.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Text logo.

Like most effective logos, the design for Gandhi featured an icon that could be removed from the logo for various applications. The text portion of the logo stands up on its own quite nicely.

Gandhi Indian Cuisine restaurant text logo
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