Full Moon Massage Werewolf Logo

Concept Sketches

Highly illustrative logos, particularly ones that feature characters or as in this case, animals, require an additional stage of development; concept sketches. That’s involves old-school drawing in sketch books with pencils or pen & ink.

Full Moon Massage Werewolf Logo Concept Sketches

After the drawings have been sufficiently fleshed out, they can be scanned & turned into vector art. That can be a painstaking procedure – there are software applications & plug-ins that vectorize art, but their results are iffy and the vector polygons created unusable for branded logo use.

Logo Concept Sketches After Vectorizing

Once the outline vectors for the character have been created, an illustrative logo treatment needs some font choices to work with:

Cconcept fonts after vectorizing

Full Moon Massage

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Beautifully rendered, highly illustrative logo for a masseuse/massage parlor. The concept for the design involved up-tight business folk, werewolves and full moons. This logo is so representative of detailed illustrative logos, we used it as the lead example on this page.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

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