Federal Air Marshal Association logo & shield

Project notes.

This logo was to take the shape of a typical government agency shield, and more specifically a law enforcement logo, with all the implied traditionalism, formality and official authority. FAMA deals with Federal Air Marshal and related aviation security issues and as such, the logos will be utilized in all manner of reproduction, from print to TV, logo embroidery to silk-screen.

Authoritative design.

The logo would also be used as the center point of the FAMA company website. Logos of this nature follow a design blueprint – self-contained (as to reproduce on any background) within a a square aspect ratio (allows for maximum placement on a wide variety of media where aspect ratio may be restrictive. It’s much easier to place a logo that has a square format, than a logo that has an extreme horizontal or vertical aspect ratios. This is especially true when dealing with third party company designs and artwork – in this case, the addition of the logos to inter-government agency layouts. While this logo may be a “traditional’ design solution, it still requires a skilled designer to carry off a government level design project, especially one for a logo that will become the center point of the agency’s high-profile brand.

Originally published on The Daily Logo: January 7, 2005.

Federal Air Marshal Association

Type Of Project:

Logo & shield design

Project Description:

This logo design was created to represent the Federal Air Marshal Association (FAMA), a fraternal organization of law enforcement officers in aviation security and homeland security.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

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