Cardinal & Canary bird logo

Project Notes:

The name of the company – Cardinal & Canary – pretty well decided the direction of the design. Two birds modeled after their real-life counterparts, anchored by a leafy tree branch. The typeface is a simple sans serif style featuring wide tracking. This is an example of so-called “fat line” logos – designs that feature simple lines with a consistent weight – that are currently in vogue for companies branding themselves as sophisticated or upscale. In actuality, the lines aren’t really “lines” in the technical sense but full vector shapes that can be treated as any other in terms of color and scaling.

Cardinal & Canary matching business card art

To emphasize the simplicity of the logo, the matching business card and letterhead design was pared down to essentials in terms of color and layout. The only extravagance was the addition of a watermark version of the bird artwork to the letterhead. What’s with the pink lines in the artwork? Those are trim and live areas as explained here.

Cardinal & Canary

Type Of Project:

Logo & stationery design

Project Description:

Fat line style logo for Cardinal & Canary, a retailer specializing in custom baby gift boxes featuring products from high-end suppliers and brands.

Type Of Logo:

Linear. See types of logos for details.

Cardinal & Canary matching letterhead art
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