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Way back, December, ’03. Euro Yacht – European distributors for Sunseeker, Sealine and Fereti cabin cruisers – wanted to upgrade their brand and turned to us for help, giving us free reign in the creative department to do so. As the company was the distributor for relatively high-end boats, predictable caveats applied – “sleek, professional, upscale.” At the end of the project our artists had created an extremely simple yet effective iconic logo. The graphic, while instantly recognizable as a boat, consists of only four graphic shapes. The forced perspective and wave graphics creates the impression of speed. This logo was selected for, and featured in, Logo Lounge 4 (published Spring 2008.) But that’s only half the story..

The Boat Logo Saga

We put the Euro Yacht logo on our website beginning of February ’04 (and through some weirdness that involved companies going under and mail not getting delivered, we ended up retaining the rights to this design.) A lot of people liked it. A lot of people linked to the portfolio page that it sat on and wasn’t long before this little fella was #1 on every search engine when you typed in the phrase “boat logo.” Cool, right? We always figured that people who wanted a boat logo, would find ours and then hire us to design theirs.

Not exactly how things played out.

Imitation is the sincerest form of..

Over the years, the number of times this logo has been knocked-off reached almost Biblical proportions, starting around 2006, when it started to get entered into logo design contests. A lot of contests. In fact, pretty well any crowdsourcing gig that had to do with boats, marine sales companies, and even tour boat charters.

We’ve been playing whack-a-mole ever since. Until we relented and just let the little fella free.

Euro Yacht

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

A rebrand for Euro Yacht, distributors of mid to high-range boats, yachts and cabin cruisers.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Boat Logo on Google

Find boat logo on Google. Spin it. Squish it. Mangle it. Add new company name..

Boat Logo Contest Knock-Off

Enter it into a logo design contest having any connection to boats. Or marine things..

Boat Logo entered into yet another 99designs contest

Different designer..

Boat Logo entered into yet another 99designs contest

Same contest..

Boat Logo entered into 99designs contest

Different designers. Different contest. Wins again.

Boat Logo entered into different 99designs contest

Badly drawn boat logo. This one didn’t.

Badly Drawn Boat Logo

Different designer. Different contest. Different site..

Boat logo entered into Crowdwspring logo contest

And another..

Patriotic Boat Logo

Sometimes, they lose the contest..

Another Boat Logo on 99designs

Sometimes they win..

Sometimes they make into use..

Boat logo entered into Crowdwspring logo contest

More than just sometimes actually..

Boat logo entered into Crowdwspring logo contest

We could go on..

Another 99designs contest. Another boat logo

And on..

Boat contest logo on Crowdspring

And on. But let’s stop here.

Another Crowdspring contest. Another boat logo

Other “designers” have sold it to their clients..

In another designers portfolio

More than a few to be honest..

The boat logo in yet another designers portfolio

Naturally, it’s been the logo for more than one boat show..

Rockwall Boat Show

It’s international..

The International Boat Logo

You can even buy something similar through 99designs “ready-made” logo store for $99 if you’re so inclined..

As a ready-made logo on 99designs

“Ah, but it’s not exactly the same” you’ll protest. That’s true, but there’s definitely boat DNA in there somewhere..

As a ready-made logo on 99designs

See, once the logo had all references to boats, water, portholes & waves removed, it became an abstract arc design that has nothing to do with things aquatic at all. The only reason this could even considered a ‘boat logo’ is because it’s blue. And now it’s sitting on some “ready made” logo store for $99 a pop. Actually, and to be fair, the “designer” only gets 30% of that.

99designs pockets the other 70%.


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