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Over the past few years, crowdsourcing has become a media darling, as companies attempt to harness ‘the power of the crowd’ on the internet to get stuff done. While in the abstract, crowdsourcing is a cool idea, in the design profession it’s been conflated into logo design contests and spec work and frowned upon by graphic design professionals and organizations around the globe. Readers of our blog will be familiar with the realities of design crowdsourcing, as well as our opinion about it. You’ll also appreciate the delicious irony of  our studio designing a logo for a crowdsourcing company. But design it we did.

Project notes.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to design original logos, especially those that incorporate the human figure (see here for common human figure logos to avoid) so when our designers developed concepts for Clupedia, they tried to work both the core activity of the company, the first letter of the company name AND a human figure into the icon. Pretty successfully we’d argue. Could the company achieved a similar result by crowdsourcing their design?

Probably not.


Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Crowdsourcing is the latest buzz amongst businesses as they look to harness ‘the power of crowds’ on the internet. Here’s a logo we designed for one such company (irony alert.)

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

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