Water Park Logo

Project notes:

Our designers were given free range throughout the project and started, as like most illustrative logos, began this one with a series of sketches and idea-doodles. In early rounds of concept sketches, we threw around the idea of having a Hawaiian themed character who could be used in various situations and activities.

Water Park Logo Preliminary Sketches

We played around with adding children to the mix, incorporating the figures alongside the water-slides and tipping bucket. These were nixed in early rounds as being too busy (and would require even more characters added to represent a wider market segment.)

Water Park Logo Preliminary Sketches another round

The Hawaiian themed character again, this time with a surfboard, was considered enough to take to vector render.

Water Park Logo Preliminary Design

The Hawaiian theme was ditched a being too restrictive so we played around with some text only treatments, which were discarded as being too ‘plain’.

Water Park Logo font logo

And some more:

Water Park Logo Preliminary Design 2

At this stage, we worked up a graphic representation of the giant tipping bucket (in mid-tip) and worked that design into a series of concepts with appropriate typography selections.

Water Park Logo Font & Color Choices

Removing the tipping bucket uprights gave the impression of a water volcano, a neat little graphic touch that would stay with us throughout the remainder of the project.

Water Park Logo Final

We were also tasked with developing concepts for some of the signage for the various attractions and facilities.

Branded sub brands

Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Type Of Project:

Logo design & brand development

Project Description:

Logo for a water-themed amusement park in Draper, Utah. For what it’s worth, Cowabunga Bay is one of the largest water parks in the world. The park boasts as it centerpiece, the world’s largest tipping bucket, a fact that we’d use in the later stages of the logo design process. The creative brief on this project was fairly straight forward – we were to design a logo that represented the water park, appealed to kids (and their parents) and was to have a fun vibe. Colors were no object, in fact the more the merrier, but the logo had to be adaptable for a wide range of applications – everything from signage to print advertising, clothing and embroidered goods to traditional business staples.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Black & white vector versions:

Even though the logo proper is a fairly complex full-color design, it still needs to be available as a black and white greyscale for instances when color is not available.

Cowabunga Bay Black and White Greyscale

For low resolution reproduction and one color printing, we’ll also require a linear version, absent all the tones and gradients of the original. By stripping the logo down to it’s outlines and solid shapes, we’re all set.

Cowabunga Bay Black

Even a giant water park needs business cards, so they were on the table as well…

Cowabunga Bay Business Cards
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