Clockwork Logistics Courier Company Logo

Project brief:

When they submitted their original brief, Clockwork Logistics indicated that they required a design that was professional, indicated speed and yet was simple enough to place on the company’s fleet of trucks and vans. This put some restrictions on the aspect ratio of the logo (it needed to fit into a horizontal footprint in order to fit onto the side of vehicles). The logo also had to be technically simple – planned uses involved vinyl signs, a technique were the artwork is cut out of sheets of vinyl and more or less ‘stuck’ to the required surface.

Clockwork Logistics Courier Logo Variant 1

Design notes:

Generally speaking, this usually renders blends, gradients and other design ‘gimmicks’ impractical. Rather than work up a automotive type logo with, say a truck (decided that would be redundant as the design was to be featured on trucks), our designers took a humanistic approach, developing an iconic representation of a courier character carrying a package and rushing about. This character was then worked into a ‘K’ shape, which was in turn worked into the company name. Font selection was obvious – a simple sans serif text for legibility, sheared (turned into italic) right to indicate speed. In the final stages of the logo design process, the client requested that a clock, and a tagline, be added to the design (perhaps complicating an otherwise simple logo) and that finalized version can be seen above. Another Clockwork concept logo below:

Clockwork Logistics Logo Concepts

Clockwork Logistics

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Simple text & icon driven logo for Clockwork Logistics, a Cleveland based courier and shipping company features a rather dashing figure. Design was to incorporate elements of speed and reliability.

Type Of Logo:

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