Country Club Vinyl Products

Project notes.

These logos were created for two divisions of the same company so we developed both with similar typography, colors, aspect ratios and visual style. While it’s obvious the twin designs are from the same “family”, they’re different and unique enough to stand on their own.

All State Fence logo

Logo animation.

In order to create a movie that blends the two logo animations together, our designers needed to figure out a way that the two separate movies could join seamlessly, while still maintaining the individual qualities of each. By creating similar animations (using Flash and 3D animation software) we were able to generate two sequences that utilized similar components that could be used as a visual ‘bridge’. As golfing and fencing were similar themes in both animations, our designers focused on those elements. This movie was set to ‘loop’ as its main function was that of a downloadable screensaver, as well as a display animation that could run on office computers when not in use.

Country Club Vinyl Products

Type Of Project:

Development of a brand “family”

Project Description:

We are often asked to develop related logos – designs that represent different departments or subsidiaries of the same corporate entity. It’s important that these logos remain distinct enough to each other, but still be visually similar enough so their relationship is well defined. Case in point – the brand family for Country Club Vinyl Products & All State Fence.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

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