Animation project: Cirrus Logic EXL Core

cube-250pxThis animation was to illustrate how software was the “engine” of featured devices and was to sit in the corner of a web-based interface. The logo was supplied by the client – a simple typographic logo that sits on the front surface of the cube. The rest of the model was developed in our studio using Swift 3D to model and Flash to animate. The animation timeline only consists of 11 frames in total (looping,) so the file size is small considering the amount of detail. We were also able to create a GIF animation (shown) that only weighs in at 90k (resolution issues notwithstanding.)

This animation was created during concept stages and the final version sees the entire cube rotate (the 3D model also allowed to render some fairly decent illustrations, some of which are shown at the link.) Due to file size and download concerns, the final version is also much less detailed and uses a restricted color palette.

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