Fusion Cafe Coffee House Logo

Project notes:

There are loads of coffee shop logos that feature coffee cups, usually with ringlets of steam hovering over the rim, and while those types of designs are fine (and we’ve created a few ourselves), they’re not terribly unique. Of course you’re going to find coffee cups in a shop that sells coffee (that’s kinda the point,) but adding them to a logo is the most obvious answer. When it came to developing a logo for The Fusion Cafe, our designers tried to come up up something a little off the beaten track, toying with the idea of a coffee bean juggler, developed in a graphic, and linear style (detail below.)

Coffee Shop Graphic

We also tried the incorporate a slight notion of ‘fusion’ – a spiral graphic as the main logo background. We didn’t want to make too much out of this imagery – ‘fusion’ actually referred to a ‘fusion’ of Asian and American food items on the cafe’s menu, while the thrust of the logo was to emphasize premium coffee sales, their main business. The logo was created inside a circle in order to facilitate light box signs that hung above the coffee shop itself. The stationery design portion of the project resulted in this business card and letterhead design:

Coffee Shop Stationery

Fusion Cafe Coffee House

Type Of Project:

Logo & stationery design

Project Description:

Deceptively simple iconic logo for a California- based coffee shop & cafe. We like this design so much, it’s the lead logo on our galleries splash page.

Type Of Logo:

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