Coffee Shop & Ice Cream Parlor logo

Project Notes:

During initial consultation with our team, the client decided they wanted to incorporate a cartoon character into the logo for their new coffee shop. With the creative direction established, our designers set about creating a series of character sketches, all based on a coffee bean, that could be integrated into the logo and used through the shop’s marketing material. Developing a character or mascot takes a little time, a few more design steps as well as a lot of illustrator ability (one of the reasons that in most cases, illustrative logos require the purchase of a professional logo design packages). Rather than starting with the high-tech tools and desktop publishing software, most cartoon logos and mascot development projects begin the old fashioned way. With pencil and paper.


Our designers generally begin with simple, rough doodles, which are sent to the client for approval and then through a series of steps, are ‘tightened up’ and ‘tweaked’ until the desired character can be finalized. In the case of The Bean, our designers went through several rounds of character development sketches (one of our beans even sported a mohawk) before settling on the final character that would eventually become the official mascot. Once the sketches were approved, we were able to convert the drawings into vector format, and add customized outline fonts to turn the character into a full-blown logo. As part of the launch of this coffee shop and ice cream parlor, we also developed some premium incentive artwork, like the design for this mouse pad featured below:


The Bean

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Logo and mascot development for a coffee shop & ice cream parlor.

Type Of Logo:

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