Bull and Goat Coffeehouse Cafe logo

Project notes:

This is one of our staff favorites and a logo that has been featured on our web site in one form or another since it was originally designed back in 2001. The Bull and Goat logo is a perfect example of what is possible with restrained illustration combined with a solid concept. The name of the cafe was already established, so it was up to our designers to develop a heavily stylized set of mascots to fit the bill. Original photo reference was discarded in order to make the logo as unique as possible. Positioning had to be just so, lest the multiple focus points confuse the design so both animals feature a ‘head’s down’ stance. In simple terms, they are ‘looking’ at the company name.

The bull and the goat were then placed around a fairly simple coffee mug and the logo text treatment worked up – a combination of off-the-shelf font sets and custom typography. The various components were then ‘shielded’ – placed inside a graphic (a ‘badge’ if you will) to ‘hold’ them together as a cohesive unit. The coloring is, as you might guess, based on various types of coffee, and while the logo features some gradients, they were kept to a minimum. As the logo was to be reproduced on various logo apparel, another simplified version, without blends, was also required.

In order to fill up the negative space at the bottom of the shield, some rudimentary coffee beans were added (though in the final logo they were removed at the request of the client as being “too busy.”)

Bull And Goat Coffeehouse Cafe

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo and stationery design for a coffee house and cafe that was located in Amherst, New York. The design featured stylized illustrative treatments of the cafe’s namesakes – a bull and a goat.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.)
See types of logos for details.

Stationery design:

The business cards and letterheads designed along with the logo. The background on the letterhead has been “amplified” for preview here. In reality, it was a tad lighter when printed.

Bull and Goat coffee house letterhead design
Bull and goat business card design
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