Cinnamon Grove Coffee Shop & Deli logo

The logo repair:

Cinnamon Grove’s old logo was so-so, and they laughingly opined that their coffee cup had routinely interpreted as a bowl of porridge. There were some spacing issues in the original font and the bitmap versions of their logo had become pixelated as subsequent re-sized generations were saved over the originals. We worked up some improved designs based solely on the supplied art.

Cinnamon Grove Coffee Shop logo repair

The rebrand

Halfway through, the client decided that they wanted to scrap their current logo entirely – a decision that one shouldn’t take too lightly. One has to think about customer recognition (especially if the logo has been around for a while,) the expense of changing branded collateral – letterheads, business cards, signage, etc. You may find yourself throwing out a great deal of previously created material (timing a logo makeover for release when previously printed supplies are low can help ease some of the pain.)

The new logo.

The client wanted their new brand to be more ‘trendy’ and appealing to a ‘hipper’ audience while retaining, if possible, some basic ingredients of the original mark. A nod to their heritage. Our designers approached this as an illustrative problem, adding color and detail to the main graphics, while a funkier font (complete with coffee bean) was added. After a few alternative design proposals were presented, we all settled on the logo up top. Like all our logo projects, Cinnamon Grove needed an entire set of logo setups:

Cinnamon Grove Cafe & Deli

Type Of Project:

Logo repair then design

Project Description:

A rebrand for a coffee shop and deli franchise. Cinnamon Grove are just around the corner from our studio so they dropped in one day to have their logo fixed up. Like many business owners, they had misplaced their original brand assets and only had increasingly poor quality bitmap images of their logo left. What started as a simple logo repair project turned into a complete overhaul of their brand.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.) See types of logos for details.

Alternative design proposal for rebranded logo.

Cinnamon Grove Coffee Shop design proposal
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