Bullfrog Irrigation & Lighting landscaping design

Project notes.

Whenever you utilize a highly rendered character or mascot in your logo, there are some technical limitations that you need to keep in mind. This dashing bullfrog logo for instance, always needs a white outline when printed on dark, or colored, backgrounds. In terms of vehicle application, this design couldn’t be affixed using die-cut vinyl but would require digital printed output. Not a big deal – most vehicle wraps are produced this way – and a small price to pay for such a handsome bullfrog mascot. As part of this project, we also developed letterheads and business cards.

Bullfrog Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting logo

Bullfrog Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting

Type Of Project:

Logo & stationery design

Project Description:

A highly rendered  frog character was requested by the client for their landscaping, irrigation and outdoor lighting company. We were thrilled to deliver.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Alternative text version.

Whenever there’s an application that’s not appropriate for the full-blown logo, there’s always this relatively simple text version.

Bullfrog logo text version
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