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Project notes.

It might seem weird to the casual observer – this notion of designers creating logos for other design studios – but to be honest, it happens all the time. While we can usually come up with great logos for our clients, we tend to stall when creating our own. It takes far too long, is too agonizing and frustrating, and we never know when to stop (see the exhausting process we went through when we rebranded a few years back.) Sometimes it’s just more efficient to bring in other eyes, fresh concepts and different hands. Accordingly, we’ve designed many logos for other creative firms over the years – case in point, this one for Bulldog Studios (here’s another.) The brief on this project was direct – the design needed a bulldog (of course) but it couldn’t be too viscous, or paradoxically, too playful or cartoonish. Somewhere in the middle would be the ticket.

This little guy works, no?

Bulldog Studios

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo creation for a web and graphic design studio. An oldie but goody Bulldog treatment from our Daily Logo Archives – still as fresh today as it was when we first designed it over a decade ago.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.) See types of logos for details.

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