Pure Soul Coffee Company logo

Project notes:

The name for “Pure Soul Coffee” involved combining several aspects of the shop into a descriptive phrase (see naming your brand,) and it was on these concepts that the client wanted to focus. “Pure” referred to the the purified water that is used in all the drinks served. “Soul” refers to the “heart and soul” of a coffee house and good coffee. “Soul” also played off the musical angle that was to be a main theme of the interior decorating and marketing. The interior is festooned with jazz and blues musician photos and other musical artifacts while the shop also served as a live venue for local bands. Further, the client wanted a logo that conveyed a hip, simple, modern, funky attitude within an overt reference to this musical theme.

The brief.

The client had some rough, hand-drawn sketches portraying the words “Pure Soul” interacting with a piano keyboard. One of these images featured a keyboard wrapped around the words, not unlike a musical halo. It was actually a decent starting point for our studio, and in a few rounds of sketching, we had wrapped piano keys around a coffee cup, and added musical notes into its reflections.

The coloring of the logo was kept fairly simple – better to fulfill planned usages on outdoor signs, branded T Shirts, mugs, etc – as was also done up as black and white linear and grayscale artwork.

Pure Soul Coffee Company

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Brand development for Pure Soul, a New Mexico based retail coffee shop that focuses on espresso, natural smoothies and fresh squeezed juices. The location will also serve as a showcase for live blues music and local art.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Pure Soul Coffee Company logo in BW
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