Diceman Board Game logo

Project notes.

In this electronic game era, it’s not often you get to design a logo for a board game. It’s even less likely that you’ll get to design an entire game, from the characters to the packaging, to the actual board itself. It’s actually a lot of fun. Above – the Dice Man logo. Below – the full design, featuring the character himself.

Diceman Board Game logo total

The game originally planned to have die-cut characters in the four Dice Man colors. These were scrapped as being too cost prohibitive, so wooden talisman from another game were substituted.

Diceman Logo character colors

The game in all its glory.

Diceman Logo character colors

Originally published on The Daily Logo: May 6, 2005.

Dice Man

Type Of Project:

Logo, character, game & packaging design

Project Description:

Logo, character, game and box design for Dice Man, an award winning, old-fashioned board game.

Type Of Logo:

Graphic (linear.) See types of logos for details.

Board and box design.

When designing artwork for packaging and boxes, we have to work within already established printing specifications. Box manufacturers already have off-the-shelf die lines available (you can see some of the pink die lines in the artwork featured) and the assembly process is set up for particular sizes. Toy stores have shelves that are particular sizes, and the box has to fit within their displays. Game board art:

Diceman game board

When working on toy and game packaging, there are a host of government and toy council regulations in regards to font sizes, placement, warning labels and the like. The box art has to be submitted for approval before production. Box lid:

Diceman game box top

Box main:

Diceman game box top
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