Blue Omega Entertainment logo

Project notes:

During initial creative briefs, the client that it was of critical importance to incorporate an omega symbol into and logo creation. The omega (Greek for final or last) had been a pivotal aspect of the company’s brand since day one. Color choice was obvious.

Faux 3D

This is a classic example of what’s capable with vector logo formats – necessary for a wide range of applications – while still maintaining the photo realistic quality usually reserved for images that are in pixel based formats. This isn’t actually a 3D logo design at all – other than in effect – rather than being developed in a 3D modeling program, this design was created in Adobe Illustrator. This required a fair amount of careful rendering, after initial sketches were approved. The logo was intended to invoke the image of a very high-end professional outfit, as Blue Omega would be competing against other some fairly major entertainment companies, in a severely cut-throat industry. A logo of this nature comes with a few caveats – reproduction on business staples can be a little more pricey that your typical flat spot color design. Most material (other than monochromatic) using the icon above would require four color reproduction. As the logo for Blue Omega (a division of another holding company) was primarily destined for use on video and film entertainment products, this wasn’t an issue.

Sadly, Blue Omega folded in 2009- after the commercial failure of their ambitious, third-person shooter game, Damnation.

Blue Omega Entertainment

Type Of Project:

Logo design

Project Description:

Brand development for an independent game developer and film production company formerly based in Annapolis, Maryland. Blue Omega Entertainment developed games for PC, Xbox and Play Station as well as serving as a production company for independent movies, concentrating on horror, thriller and sci-fi genres.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Blue Omega Entertainment Logo vector preview
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