Black Mountain Bicyles

Project notes:

With a name like Black Mountain, the basic thrust of the logo is quite obvious – a black mountain – but even with such a straight forward concept there are an infinite number of ways of portraying that imagery and dozens of ways of translating the concept into visual reality. Our designers got the ball rolling by designing a fairly simplified graphic depiction of a mountain with appropriate typography. We also added a stressed ‘look’ to the logo in an attempt to tie in with the skater/mountain biker market. Horizontal versions with different design elements were also developed.

Black Mountain Bicycles preliminary designs

Sometimes the obvious is just too obvious, so we worked the mountain icon into the typography itself.

Black Mountain Bicycles logo text only

While the logo certainly spoke to a black mountain, it didn’t necessarily portray bicycles so we had a go with a graphic element created from a chain ring. The mountain icon was simplified greatly in this version and would become the central element that we worked with.

Black Mountain Bicycles logo with chain ring

Some of the different logo treatments as presented to the client.

Black Mountain Bicycles logo proposals

As part of the overall branding plans, the icon had to work in various situations such as sales promotions, website chiclets and flyer sale callouts.

Black Mountain Bicycles signage

The logo also had to work in black and white, in both linear and grayscale treatments.

Black Mountain Bicycles black and white signage

Black Mountain Bicycles

Type Of Project:

Logo, stationery & signage design

Project Description:

Rebrand of Black Mountain Bicycles, a long established high-performance bicycle store in San Diego. Project included logo design and branded signs and POP material

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

Store signs, banners & lightboxes.

If a logo is to be successful, it must be adaptable to a wide range of uses, some less optimum than others and in situations where the size and aspect ratio are predetermined. Such was the case for Black Mountain, who needed the logo to work on a variety of signs and flags.

Black Mountain Bicycles horizontal signage
Black Mountain Bicycles square signage

Stationery design.

Business cards pictured.

Black Mountain Bicycles business card design
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