Azurn Networks one color logo

Disconnecting icons & fonts.

Whenever we discuss the advantages of iconic logos with clients, we will talk about “disconnecting icons and fonts” – using an icon with, or without, its typographic counterpart. Another advantage is that an iconic logo can be utilized in various configurations, responsive to various aspect ratios and the restrictions of square and horizontal visual areas. The Azure logo works just as nicely with the icon sitting beside the typography as it does sitting on top of it.

Azurn Networks one color horizontal logo

One color across the board.

When it came time to design Azurn’s stationery, it seemed only logical we’d go minimalist with a blue theme too. Card fronts and backs pictured:

Azurn Networks one color business card design

Azurn Networks

Type Of Project:

Logo, stationery & data sheet design

Project Description:

Brand development for a communications, IT and networking company. Azurn’s root word is “azure,” which itself has a root in the Italian word “azzurro.” That translates to “blue.” Azure is actually a fairly specific blue – it’s often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer’s day. Accordingly, when it came to designing a logo for Azure Networks, and while we had no idea what it would look like, we did know it was going to be blue.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

Stationery design.

The one-color palette was carried over to the Azure letterheads and envelopes. While the cost-saving factor of a single print run can’t be overlooked, this illustrates the elegance that’s possible with a single color theme.

Azurn Networks one color stationery design

Collateral design.

When it came to designing brochures, flyers and data-sheets, we ported the monochromatic palette into spot illustrations and icons (notice the old-school communications technology.)

Azurn Networks one color stationery design

Data sheet design.


Azurn Networks flyer (front)


Azurn Networks flyer (back)
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