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Project notes.

Despite how critically important they are, you’d be surprised how many business owners don’t have access to properly formatted versions of their logos – either through computer failures (without backups) or via vendors who originally supplied incorrect formats (only to be discovered months afterwards.) That’s the situation Jenkins Tire and Automotive found themselves in. With a deadline looming they had no high-resolution copies of their logo at all – only low resolution comps as shown here. That’s okay, we can work with those and produce this:

Final Logo Repair Image

Vector all the way.

Here’s what the repaired artwork looks like in wireframe mode, with some polygons selected – the blue lines are object outlines, the blue squares control points or “nodes.” Whenever a designer is vectorizing a low resolution image – especially one that has pixelated badly – they have to use their drawing skill to fill in details that aren’t easily recognizable.

Repaired logo vector details wireframe mode

Jenkins Tire and Automotive

Type Of Project:

Logo repair

Project Description:

Converting low resolution bitmap logo files into unlimited resolution vector format.

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Starting artwork.

This client had lost access to their digital files and only had low-resolution comps remaining. They couldn’t go to print with those, so we had to build them new artwork from the ground up. Here’s what the original pre-repair logo looked like (detail.)

Starting image detail

Repaired vector version.

Here’s the repaired artwork (detail) with crisp smooth lines, legible typography and crystal clear detail in the tire artwork. There’s only one way to create vector art of this caliber – vectorizing by hand.

Automotive logo repair details

If you’re a client of our shop, no worries about digital files – we have archived copies of every scrap of design generated in our studio over the past twenty years and routinely retrieve old files for clients who’ve lost theirs.

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