Goblin Offroad automotive accessories logo

Case study

To demonstrate our step-by-step logo design process, we thought it might be interesting to take an look at an unorthodox branding project as developed by our studio. Accordingly, this case study features an illustrative logo treatment for Goblin Off-Road, a manufacturer of off-road accessories, after-market dashboards and other racing products. The company’s name pretty well demanded that we develop a ‘goblin’ character (while being mindful of the Spiderman character of the same name.) As is the case with all highly rendered illustrative logo design projects, this one began with a series of sketches and doodles as our designers tried to hone in on the ‘look’ of the goblin character that would represent the company.

Goblin character sketches with final logo art

As our designers worked through the sketching phase, the character, who started off as a little menacing, was softened up with each iteration. It was decided very early on that the character would be pictured only as a head, so that the overall design wasn’t overwhelmed with unnecessary detail or weird aspect ratios. Overly complex logos are always an issue, especially when they are reproduced at a small size, or on low resolution media. The character was ‘built’ with some core company themes – racing goggles, wind swept hair and pointed ears were added in early versions and stayed throughout the design process. Rather than try to develop the character as a spot color logo, with the resultant restrictions, the client gave us the okay to work in four color CMYK, accepting the added costs that might be incurred in reproduction of various marketing materials like the company stationery.

Goblin business card art

Stationery design

Business cards and letterheads shown.

Goblin letterhead design and business cards

Black & white linear design.

Once the brand framework for this project was put to bed, the client had a few collateral design tasks – an ad slick that had to be created for various off-road magazines and a vinyl decal that could be distributed to potential customers at an off-racing trade show. In order to use the logo in a plotter-cut medium, we had to create a linear black and white version of the design, ditching all the lovely color for a simple monochrome version. As it so happens, this black and white version could also be used when full color reproduction is not available, or on low resolution media like faxes and newspaper ads.

Color and BW logo

Goblin Off-Road

Type Of Project:

Brand development

Project Description:

Logo, stationery and ad slick design for a manufacturer of off-road automotive accessories.

Type Of Logo:

Illustrative. See types of logos for details.

Ad slick design.

Ad design for off-road magazines. Included Photoshop image editing, clipping paths (removing backgrounds from photos) and layout. Ad was developed in several configurations for different publications. Also optimized as a PDF for download from Goblin’s website.

Off-Road Accessories Ad Slick

Business card art.

When it comes to stationery design, we generally design the business cards first, then port the “look” to letterheads and envelopes. Some different configurations:

Goblin business card artwork
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