Premium Auto Accessories logo design

Project notes.

The logo for Premium Guard is a very simple design using standard off-the-shelf fonts (they’ve been modified slightly for legibility.) There wasn’t much choice really – the logo had to work on many low-resolution applications, specifically silk-screened on plastic for the actual oil filter casings.

Premium Auto Accessories logo simple version

There were other applications were we could be more flexible, so we also created a set of “ribboned” logos that could be utilized where color and resolution were not an issue. An example of these “ribbon” logos is shown here.

Premium Guard

Type Of Project:

Brand development, logo & package design

Project Description:

Full brand work-up for a line of premium auto accessories. Project covered everything from logo and stationery design, to package design and technical illustrations.

Type Of Logo:

Typographic. See types of logos for details.

Premium Auto Accessories logo alternate version

Technical illustrations.

At the time of the brand development, the oil filters where still under production (as is often the case when working with startups) so our designers created a series of technical illustrations – exploded views of the filters – using available CAD diagrams and schematics.

Premium Oil Filter exploded

Oil filter package design.

The oil filter packaging was designed to be simple and bold, without much in the way of visual clutter. The full packing artwork is shown here, complete with printer die lines (in grey.)

Premium Oil Filter package design
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