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From the archives:

Software startup AltraSoft were on the cusp of the open source movement (there’s a French company bearing the same name today, but they have nothing to do with the origina) and wanted a logo that reflected the frenetic activity that their activities entailed. This design came about as a result of dozens of sketches and doodles (luckily enough – we avoided the globe and swoosh deal for this particular case study) and is meant to indicate movement, global, hi-tech (buzzwords from the original project submission.) The logo was plastered over everything. Letterheads and business cards:

Altrasoft Letterhead & business card design

CD covers for the company’s software disc packaging:

Software packaging design

Software user guide covers:

Software User's Guide Cover Design
Software User's Guide Manual Cover

Presentation folder design:

Software User's Guide Manual Cover

More CD jewel case cover designs:

Software CD Jewel Case artwork

Anyway, you get the idea. This is what people mean when they talk about “branding.” They also talk about “timeless” logos. This would be an example of that too. Everything on this page was designed in 1996, almost twenty years ago by TLF creative director Steve Douglas, and we think it still holds up today.

The notion of “timeless.”

Purple and teal was a very ‘trendy’ color combination in those days – it was also the corporate colors of The Logo Factory at the time – and seemed perfect for the hi-tech startup (this was also at the very beginning of the so-called dot-com era.) The font selection was arbitrary – based on the favorite fonts of the designer, and while it’s generally not a good idea to feature bold condensed and standard extra-bold typography in the same word it seems to work here. The font treatment, as well as the color break, split up the word nicely into it’s various components. The tag line was added later – and though the spacing is a little ‘tight’ – heavily kerned – by today’s standards, everything’s still as fresh as it was when it was first developed.

Altrasoft Software Engineering

Type Of Project:

Logo, stationery, CD & manual cover design

Project Description:

A head-to-toe branding project for a California-based software startup. This case study illustrates the notion of a “timeless” logo perfectly.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

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