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From our design archives: An extreme sport calls for an extreme logo. A highly illustrative design for an ATV dealer in Australia..

Xtreme ATV Australia

An extreme logo still has to work as a logo..

Sure, you’ll hear that simple logos are the best. They’re more adaptable. They’re easier to manage across your brand. That’s pretty true, but there are sometimes when a full-blown, over the top illustrative approach works. Case in point, this design for an ATV Dealership that needed an “extreme” logo that brought their brand to life. The logo actually began as a fairly muted affair – here’s the spot-color and other preliminary concepts.

Xtreme ATV preliminary logo concepts

They were fine & dandy, but the client demanded “more color,” more “extreme” and our designers took that as marching orders. The design below was as far as we took the design, more out of technical concerns than aesthetic ones. There’s some application issues when using transparency in a logo (a special effect that many designers overuse,) so this version was ultimately scrapped for the final version.

Xtreme ATV Australia Alternative Version
Xtreme ATV Australia Black & White Backgrounds

Business cards featuring such a complicated logo represent some design challenges, but can be quite dynamic & eye-catching if pulled off correctly.

Xtreme Business Card Designs

The same can be said of the letterhead design portion of this project. The only issue with a full-color logo like this? You’re committed to full-color printing on everything (maybe not so much of an issue these days, with many print firms running process jobs as standard fare, but certainly something to keep in mind.) The letterhead may look out of proportion, but that’s only because it’s an A4 design – standard letterhead size for Australia (and most of Europe.)

Final Logo

Here’s the logo again in all its glory (we also have to do this for mobile users who miss out on the slides above.)

Final Logo

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