A3 Car Club Automotive Fan Site logo

Project notes:

The Audi TT Car Club of America wanted to get the jump on starting a fan club for Audi’s new A3, so they contracted our studio to design the emblem shown above. They needed something that was emblematic (is that even a word?) but without using the phrase Audi, or the famous Audi ‘rings’ – to avoid any potential trademark or copyright issues – and as the logo was to be featured on stickers and promo items, it was decided from the get-go to develop the design as a self-enclosed circle. The metallic coloring featured in the design was to compliment the symbol, already designed and in use, for their TT Car Club, as well as to fulfill one of the client’s original mandates – that the logo appear “flashy” and “almost like a badge that you’d see on the hood of a car.”

Done and done.

Logo detail at right (below if you’re on mobile.)

A3 Car Club

Type Of Project:

Forum logo design

Project Description:

A simple shielded logo design for an A3 Car Club & fan site dedicated, of course, to all things to do with Audi’s A3 automobile. Detail of logo pictured.

Type Of Logo:

Iconic. See types of logos for details.

A3 Car Club logo (detail)
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