Video animation project: 3D spinning cogs video animation.

When we redesigned our studio logo a few years back, we always thought the spinning cogs would be pretty sweet if turned into a 3D model and we did a “beauty pass” of the whole thing. It would serve as a nice example of animations when rendered to video, plus we could insert it as an intro to any in-house videos we produced. So that’s what we did (above.)

This clip is a rough-render (HD render files are far too large to publish on a website) but would be adequate for user-content platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. This is actually a hybrid animation – the last few seconds are from a Flash version of our logo to ensure consistency with any 2D artwork that’s also in the video.


HTML5 website animation.

For more practical website purposes, we also developed this quick animation that shows The Logo Factory logo in a charged environment (think Frankenstein’s lab.) This was developed in Flash, is completely vector based (can be used at any size) and converted to HTML5 here. The original animation had sound FX – thunder claps & electricity – but we disabled them for this presentation (sound gets annoying on a looping animation.)

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All animations & movies presented in our portfolio are not for sale or license. Unless specifically noted, ALL company logos featured in animation examples are proprietary, subject to copyright/trademark and used here as examples by permission from IP holder. Unless otherwise noted, animated logos presented were also designed by The Logo Factory design studio. Where possible, we’ll link back to the original case study in our logo design gallery.


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