Tallen Technology Rentals 3D version

Project notes.

The original logo for Tallen Technology Rentals was a simple, two color, flat typographic treatment. It served the audio visual technology rental company well for years, and when it came time to refresh the brand, the company opted for a slight modification – a 3D rendering – rather than a full-blown makeover.

Tallen Technology Rentals flat version

Raw 3D Rendering

By default, most 3D rendering software creates images that are pixel-based (there are a few exceptions.) This is how the raw 3D render for Tallen looks, out of the box. Keep in mind that this artwork – unlike a vector version – would require full color printing.

Tallen Technology 3D bitmap

3D rendering details.

The lighting effects and shadowing are rendered quite nicely, but image sizes can be limited due to resolution issues. Big bitmap images can also result in large file sizes, impractical for electronic delivery. We can have transparent backgrounds but they may feature edge “jaggies” at large preview sizes.

Tallen Technology 3D bitmap detail

Usually, a 3D rendering of a logo is used for display or as a beauty shot, but in this case Tallen wanted to use the 3D version as their logo proper. To do that, we had to render the raw 3D logo into a vector-based image that could be added to branded material. Spot color reproduction is also available.

Tallen Technology Rentals 3D rendering detail

Vector version detail (wireframe mode.)

Tallen Technology vector detail wireframe

Tallen Technology Rentals

Type Of Project:

Logo design, re-design & 3D rendering

Project Description:

We first designed the Tallen Technology Rentals logo back in 2002. A few years back, Tallen wanted to revamp their brand and that led to a 3D development of their flat typographic mark.

Type Of Logo:

Typographic. See types of logos for details.

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